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Wednesday, February 11, 2009



Here i am continuing my writing from my previous blog of Durga Amma.

Her most preferred month or and auspicious month for Goddess Durga would be the Addi Masam in Hindu calendar which usually begins in the mid of July and ends in the mid of August every year. In this auspicious month, a lot of her devotees will fast and make sweet offerings to her in their daily prayers. 

However, a far most glorious festival held for Goddess Durga would be the Navaratri Durga Pooja. The festival of Navaratri is held or observed twice every year. It last for nine days in honour of the nine manifestations of Goddess Durga and also the significant of the number of the days, she did battle with Mahisasura and won.

Meaning of word Navaratri Pooja : Nava (Nine), Ratri (Night), Pooja (Prayers)  which translates to Nine Nights Prayers. 

Durga Amma in Utmost Calm Pose.

                                                 Durga Amma in the Katyan Jungle.

                                                      Durga Amma Slaying Demons

                                               Durga Amma Riding Her Vehicle - Lion

                                                                          Durga Amma 


As mentioned above, the festival is held twice in a year. However the festival for Durga is done only once. The other Navaratri festival is called the Rama Navaratri which is usally held in the month of Chitirai (April-May). During this festival,which is also named Ramnavmi whereby Sri Rama is worshipped. 

Durga Navaratri Pooja is usually held in the month of Aswayuja / Ashwin ( September - October). Although both the pooja is done for the blessings of Goddess Durga, however the later is the one, which is more preferred by most devotees to observe.Devotees of Goddess Durga fast and prayers are offered to her for protection of health and property. 

History of Rama Navaratri Pooja

It is said that Sri Rama during the battle with the Demon- Ravana, did a pooja for Goddess Durga. He asked for her blessings and her aid in the war with Demon Ravana. With her grace and aid in the war he was able to chop of the 10 heads of the Demon -Ravana and win the battle. 

As such the celebration of beheading of Ravana's head is also called "Dussera or Dasahara". The day the battle was won is called the Vijaya Dasami day same as the day which is celebrated when Goddess Durga won the battle with Mahisasuran. Vijaya Dasami day is considered auspicious as that is also the day where Lord Arjuna worshipped Goddess Durga and with her blessing began the battle against the Kauravas on the field of Kurukshetra and won the battle.

The significant of beheading of the 10 head and the prayers done for that is, with the blessing and grace of Goddess Durga, Lord Sri Rama was able to defeat the 10 bad elements that must be eliminated or at least control by/from ourselves. 

The 10 elements which are : Passion, Pride, Anger, Greed, Infatuation, Lust, Hatred, Jealously, Selfishness and Ego.

Durga Navaratri Pooja


Basic aim of this prayer/celebration is to propitiate Goddess Durga, to bestow all man - all the wealth,health, auspiciousness, prosperity, knowledge ( both secular and sacred) and all other potent powers one may need. We pray to have our life misery diminished from us. 

Basically, its a nine nights prayer whereby, the first 3 days, we fast and we pray to Goddess Durga to have all our misery in life and our impurities to be removed and purify our mind, body and soul. The next 3 days we pray to Goddess Lakshmi to give us wealth and prosperity and the last 3 days we pray to Goddess Sarawathy to give us the knowledge both sacred and secular to enable us to keep and use the wealth and prosperity in a right way as such we would gather more "Dharmam" as this is the only thing that would save us against our bad time or in the time of misery.

It is in this prayer/celebration, we adore her as our Mother. This is the only pooja whereby a God is adored as a Mother due the fact that one's relationship with one's mother is said to be the most dearest and sweetest of all human relations. 

Goddess Durga represents Divine Mother. She is said to be the imperishable energy aspect of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva is the soul of Goddess Durga. He is the silent witness, motionless, absolute changeless as he is not affected by the cosmic play. It is Goddess Durga who does everything. 

Goddess Durga's grace is boundless; her mercy is limitless; her knowledge is infinite; her powers are immeasurable; her glories are ineffable; and her splendour is indescribable. She bestows her devotees material prosperity and spiritual freedom.

WHY ??

First of all, we must understand the significant of the battle of Goddess Durga with Mahisasuran. The Demon was not born a bad person but along the way he has picked up impurities in his life that has changed him into a demon that has to be punished and killed.

This was to prove a point that all impurities in our life is only tolerable to a certain extent. When it becomes too unbearable and when it begins to hurt other people than it has become to point where it needs to be extinguished. {example : a small wound is tolerable and we will survive from it however when the wound becomes a cancer then it has reached to the point whereby its unbearable and it could/will kill a person} 

As such, in our life we are allowed to have some small wounds(impurities) but its our duty to ensure that the wound (impurities) does not turn into cancers. Medicines for our wounds (impurities) are by way of our good deeds [Dharmam] that we do; as the more good deeds that we do , we would have gathered more medicines for us to be used to ensure that our miseries and impurities are always cleaned by God/Goddess.

Now as such, the first step would be that we need to start by ensuring that all our miseries and impurities are cleaned and taken away from us. For that, we need to invoke Goddess Durga's blessing to aid us in removing them from our mind, body and soul. As we now know that Goddess Durga demands the highest level of devotion and expects nothing less than perfection in our devotion to her, we need to identify that and ensure that we do our very best to attain her grace and blessings. 

We need to throw away all the bad thoughts, impurity deeds and our demoniacal elements from us before we could receive or embrace the pure and the good elements from her.Only when we are clean in our mind, body and soul, we are allowed to receive the good and auspicious virtues and also divine qualities.  

This process is not easy as it demands a resolute will power, determined effort and arduous struggle. Mind and body strength is imminent in fulfilling this task. 

HOW ??

On the first three days, devotees would fast and prayers are done in recognition of Goddess Durga as supreme power and force.Prayers are done so that Goddess Durga blesses them to destroy all their impurities, their vices and their defects. Devotees would need her powers to fight and annihilate the animal qualities, the lower and diabolical nature in them. 

Thus the first stage is the destruction of impurity and determined effort to root out the evil tendencies in our mind by worshipping to her.    

Second set of three days,after accomplishing the task of removing the negative elements in us; next we need to build up our spiritual personality.This is to enable us to acquire positive qualities replacing the eliminated demoniacal qualities. Devotees must cultivate and develop all the auspicious qualities there are about to receive. For that devotees would need to earn immense spiritual wealth [Dharmam] to enable one to pay the price of the rare priceless divine wisdom.

Thus for this, Goddess Lakshmi is worshipped as she is the one whom is with the wealth energy.She bestows on the devotees the inexhaustible divine wealth and prosperity.

The third set of three days,after receiving the divine wealth and divine qualities; now its time for devotees to seek for the divine wisdom. Devotees are now ready to receive the blessings of Goddess Sarawathi - the energy element of divine wisdom and knowledge. This wisdom will enable the devotees to use it to ensure that they keep earning the spiritual wealth and knowledge of how to keep away the evil and impure thoughts of themselves.This would transform the devotees to become wiser and mature towards understanding the divine spiritual powers.

On the tenth day; Vijaya Dasami is celebrated to mark the triumphant ovation of the mind and soul achieving liberation and now has been bestowed upon with divine wealth.

On this day too, Kanni Puja prayers are also done. Nine girls whom are below the age of ten are fed sumptuously and are offered/presented with new clothes as the embodiment of Goddess Durga.


The name " NavaDurga" signifies the nine manifestations of Goddess Durga.Each Goddess has different forms and holds special significance. During the prayers of Navaratri, these goddess are worshipped religiously; by which its lift our divine spirit and fill us with happiness in doing our prayers.


Literally means the daughter (putri) of of the mountains (shaila). She is the daughter to the Kingof the Mountain Himalaya. She is embodied with the powers of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. She rides a bull and carries a trisulam (trident) and a lotus. She is worshipped on the first day of the Navaratri. 


Literally means one who practises devout austerity. She brings enlightenment and divine grace to the devotees. She is blissful and endows happiness, prosperity, peace and grace. She shows the way to achieve amancipation [Moksha]. She holds a rosary and a water utensil. She is worshipped on the second day.

Chandra Ghanta

She has a moon / half moon (chandra) in her forehead in the shape of a bell (ghanta). Thus carried the name of Chandra Ghanta. She represents peace, proeperity and tranquility in life. She is the embodiment of power and bravery. She is beautiful, has a radiant golden bright complexion and rides a lion. She has 10 hands and 3 eyes and holds weapons in all her hands. She is worshipped on the third day.


She is known as the Creator of the Universe. The meaning of her name is " a little warm cosmic egg". Before her, the universe was filled with void darkness until her light spreads in all directions like the rays of the sun thus filling the universe with light. She has eight hands and rides a lion. She is worshipped on the fourth day.


She carries this name due to the fact that she first evolved as the daugher to the son of the sage named Katya. He underwent a long penance and long austerities in order to receive the grace of the Supreme Goddess. His wish was to have a daughter in form of a Goddess. His wishes was granted as Goddess was borned to Katya as the avataram of Goddess Durga. 
She has four hands and carries a sword and rides on a lion. She is worshipped on the sixth day. 

Skanda Mata

Here she is known as the Mother to Lord Kartikeya (Muruga). Lord Muruga is the commander in chief in the wars against demons. Lord Muruga would be sitten on her lap in his infant form with his six heads. She is with four arms and three eyes. She rides a lion and carried lotus flowers and usually grant boons to devotees. She is worshipped on the fifth day. 

Kaal Ratri

She is here as Goddess Kali. Name is usually pronounced as "Kateri". She has dark complexion, disheveled hair and a fearlessness posture. She wears a necklace that flashes like lighting. She has four arms, three eyes that shines ever brightly and she breathes flames from her breath. Her vehicle is a donkey. She is always ever ready to do battle with evil. Her gesture of protection assures us of freedom from fear and troubles. 
She is also known as "shubakari" as she does good deeds in protecting the devotees. She is worshipped on the seventh day.

Maha Gowri

Her Powers are unfailing and instantly fruitful. As a result of worshipping to her, devotees sins of the past, present and future gets washed away and they are purified in all aspects of life. Goddess is intelligent, peaceful and calm. She is deemed to be initially with dark complexion due to her tenure in the deep forest of Himalaya during her austerities. When Lord Shiva cleaned her with water from the Ganges River, her true form of extreme white emerged.
She wears white clothes, has four arms and rides a bull. She carries a trisulam (trident) and a "damaru" (a rattle drum). She is worshipped on the eight day.    


Goddess here as special supernatural healing powers.She has four arms and she is always in a blissful happy enchanting pose. She sits on a lotus flower and her vehicle is a lion. She blesses all Gods , Saints, Yogis, Tantrics, and all devotees.
It is said that Lord Shiva worshipped her and was blessed with all Siddhis (Supernatural Powers). Its with her blessing that his half body became female and the other became male. 
She is worshipped on the ninth day.  


The meaning of this pooja is to eradicate the bad elements that will and is effecting us due to the influence of the negative planet names Raghu (Serpent Head). 

The History

A couple whom were strong devotess of Goddess durga were blessed with a child after their continous prayers to the Goddess. The child was born with her blessings. The child attaining her puberty age, her parents decided to seek an astrologer to seek the fate of the child in the future. 
The astrologer announced that the child has "Raghu Doosam"(Negative element of Raghu Planet in Control) and on the ninth day of her next birthday she will die from a bite of a black serpent.

Hearing this, the couple prayed for help from Goddess Durga as it was with her blessing that the child was born. Due their strong penance and prayers, Goddess Durga agreed to protect the child for any negative elements. 

As predicted, on the ninth day of her birthday, Raghu Bhagawan turned himself as a black serpent and attacked the child. Goddess Durga blocked all his attempts to bite and kill the child. At last Goddess Durga transformed herself as the child and not knowing that Goddess Durga has done that, Raghu bite her. This was seen as a big sin done by Raghu. 

Raghu then profusely begged Goddess Durga for forgiveness. Goddess Durga forgived him and in return the child's life would be spared from Raghu Hold. Goddess Durga also reminded him that from then on, anyone who performs Pooja for her at Raghu Neeram (bad time), would be blessed by her and thus he has to ease his influence on them.


The pooja is held weekly. Auspicious days would be on Tuesday, Fridays and Sundays. Time varies as it depends on the days that the pooja is conducted/offered. Tuesdays is said to be the most auspicious day among the three days.

The requirements for the pooja:-

Lime.  [lime cut into a bit more than half and inverted in - maximum of 9 limes]
Turmeric Rice.
A Silver Plate.
Fruit offerings. [ fruits , flowers , betel leaves and areca nut]


It is said that pooja is normally conducted in Temples that has the statue of Goddess Durga.However it is best now to conduct the prayers in your home at the alter in front of Goddess Durga's picture or statue. Since its known that Goddess herself would attend the prayers and bless the devotee's who does it with full devotion, thus its better that she comes to our home by which her presence itself would cleanse our home from any evil or bad elements.


The lime is cut and the insides of the lime is pulled out from the lime. Then the lime is inverted inwards and ghee is placed in it. A wick is placed in the ghee. A Silver plate where by the turmeric rice is placed on top of the plate.Then the lime is placed on top of the rice on the plate.
Offerings of flowers, betel leaves, areca nuts and fruits are put behind the plate. Then the wick is lit one by one until all the limes are fully lit.

Prayers are then conducted.  

Significant of the Items.

Lime signifies us and when we pull out the inner part, we are showing our inner side to God.As we throw away the inner part, we are throwing away our greed,lust,anger and our impurity.

The wick is the symbol of energy and light where when its alight it emits brightness.This tells us that God is everywhere.

Silver Plate resembles Lord Brahma (Creator).

The turmeric rice resembles Lord Vishnu. As the turmeric rice stabilised the lime on the plate, this symbolises Lord Vishnu as a preserver and stabilises between born and death.

The Top half of the lime resembles Lord Shiva as the lime holds the ghee, this signifies Lord Shiva containing Ganges on his hair. 

The ghee and the flame symbolises Goddess Laksmi as she blesses us with her wealth.

The brightness of the flame resembles Goddess Sarawathi who blesses us with knowledge and education.

The heat from the flame resembles Goddess Durga who burns all our impurities away.


Often in the temple, there are no special prayers but usually chant of Goddess Durga's name is heard and sometimes bhajan's are performed.

We could however offer her a short prayer. 

"Om Kala Abhraham Kata Akshair, 
Arikula Bhaya Dam,
Mauli Bad-dhenu Rekham Shankam Chakram Kripanan Trishikha Mapi Karair,
Udvahantim Trinetram,
Simha Skanda Adhirudham Tribuvanam Akhilam Purayanthim,
Dhayayed Durga Jaya Akhyam,
Tri-dasha Pati Nutam Sevitam Seddhi Kamaih".

{ I pray to O Mother Durga, with my folded hands and head on your lotus feet. You are O Mother known as Jayam, Honoured and Saluted by Lord of Heaven name Indra and served by the devotees, wishing their success.You beam like thick black clouds. You could terrify enemies even with a flash of your look. You are adorned with crown set of cresent moon on your head. You hold the conch, the chakra,the sword and the spear.You have 3 eyes, O Mother and on the back of the Lion, your vahana. The world is filled with your great splendour .  I pray to you O Mother Durga.}


For those who does not have the Raghu Elements influencing them could also perform a similiar pooja in resepct to Goddess Durga. The "Nei Vilaku Pooja" (Ghee Oil Pooja). The devotees perfoming this pooja uses all the same method and ingredents as the Raghu Kalam Pooja. Only the days and times are different. Auspicious day for this pooja would be Saturday.

Lime are not turned invertly as such it is not neccasirily to use a ripe lime. Flowers are used on the plate instead of turmeric rice to balance the lime on the plate. Colourful flowers are used on the plate. 

This pooja is usually done at home in a very peaceful and calm atmosphere. For those who perform this pooja with utmost devotion receives the blessing of Goddess Durga. With her grace, all obstacles that is hindering the devotee of leading a happy life will be removed by her.

Short prayers or mantra can be offered to her.

" Om Dhum Durga ye Namaha "
"Om Hrim Klim Chamundiyee Virchee"

Om Sakthi - God Bless.

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